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Irma has transformed many clients. She treats everyone as individuals and all workouts are customized to a client's abilities, age, fitness level and goals. Her idea of achieving weight loss is to let go of trying to run to the finish line and lose the weight quickly. She wants her clients to enjoy the process while learning a healthier lifestyle so results are maintained. Until mindset is changed and the true meaning of fitness is embraced, a person will continue to go through the "yo yo" pattern of gaining and losing.  

Below is her client, Laura, who has been training with Irma from the very beginning. Through many ups and downs, Laura has learned the lifestyle of fitness and nutrition while still enjoying all the joys of life, family and social activities.

Sep 2018

Jan 2019

March 2019


February 2020

Laura has lost 73lbs and gained 20lbs of muscle.

"I can't say enough about how grateful I am to have Irma as my Trainer! After many, many failed attempts at weight loss, she has taught me the ultimate eliminate the finish line mindset. I finally learned to trust the process, do the work consistently, maintain a balanced diet and the results continue to come (and last).

I'm a different person inside and out thanks to Irma!"



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